Meet The Maker

Hey there! I'm Gabby - owner and operator of Roots. I'm so happy you're here. When you choose to shop with Roots, you choose to shop a small business and this lady does a lil' happy dance. 

I launched Roots on May 17, 2019 from the townhouse I share with my husband and daughter in ATL. I built this business off passion, the desire to be my own boss, and to fill a style void (at least in my opinion). 

Before this endeavor, I worked in the corporate world and spent all of my days dreaming up this very reality. The idea of Roots has been alive way longer than actually being a thing. I was terrified to pull the trigger - I was so scared I'd be making a mistake investing my savings in the uncertain. 

I simply decided to stop being scared one day. That one day was when I learned I was carrying our daughter. It was so important for me to show my daughter I was actively chasing my dreams and passions, because that's all I ever want for her. Heck, I can't look her in the face and tell her to risk it all if I didn't and don't every day. So, the journey began. 

I would describe starting this fashion business as coming of age. My first buy was kinda wacky and off-the-wall. I didn't understand who I was as a business owner and especially as a fashion business owner. My purchases were all over the place. Should I stick to my style? Should I buy what I think others will like? Do I need to make a point with every piece? Just a few thoughts running through my head. 

I'm not going to hate on my first round of buys - they were necessary. The best way to describe that time period was middle school. A little awkward, throwing all sorts of things at the wall and seeing what sticks. Man, was that not for me. I didn't rely on my sense of style and I knew the next time, I would trust my gut. 

Let me tell you, trusting your gut and staying authentic feels oh so good and it's so imperative. I slowly began coming into who I was truly meant to be as a business owner (kinda like the college years?) and what Roots was truly intended to be. I became much more confident in my decisions and my buys. 

I can appreciate that I'm not done growing. Hell, the college years aren't the end of our transformations, right? I'm so optimistic and thrilled to see where Roots goes. I hope women can turn to our brand year after year and feel confident in their buys and style - that's what it's all about. These pieces are yours and always have been. It's beautiful to see a woman make a decision and own it in her own way. 

I'm overwhelmingly grateful you're here even if you don't find a piece that speaks to you. Sharing my story with you is a privilege and if you take some "feel good" away from this and that's all, then I'm a happy gal!