Behind The Scenes

We LOVE a good photo session! After all, being exclusively online means photography is CRUCIAL! While the pieces are yours to make your own, our shots are here to give you ideas and some serious fashion inspo! We hope that's what you takeaway! 
It's important to work with people we trust from models to brands to photographers. Majority of the pictures you see up on our shop are from the fabulous Cait Carr (with some teamwork from her hubby, Grant).
Fun fact: they were my wedding photographers! We hit it off instantly and now they can't get rid of me. 
A lot goes into planning a shoot. Timing is everything. If we're working on launching a Summer line, we'll be shooting months in advance when it's probably still chilly! Same with Winter - it could be 100 degrees out (let's be honest, we're in GA and it's always 100). 
We can't thank our family and friends enough - that's who you see in our shots! We don't work with agencies, but instead with gals we know and love and who we think rep our brand best! 
We're so grateful for babes that drive 60+ minutes for an 8am shoot either in ATL or the mountains - all because they believe in us and that's when lighting is the yummiest. You would never know we were running off coffee and covering bags under our eyes, would ya? 
Fun fact again: this shoot was originally intended to be outdoors. Thanks to the rain and freezing temps, we scrambled to find another location less than 24hrs out! We hustled and were able to secure a studio in the raddest loft space and this shoot turned out to be the THE COOLEST! Actually grateful our OG plan didn't pan out. 
We scout our own locations with the help of Cait (because she knows best) and make sure we have the correct permissions and equipment needed to run a successful shoot. 
As shop owner, I'm in charge of clothing scrambling. I decide who should wear what, if a sleeve needs to be rolled, or if a hat doesn't work well with that sweater. You can find me in between shots fixing hair, slinging and hanging up clothes, and in charge of the shoot's playlist. 
It ain't easy looking this good, but man are we thankful for a team that makes it fun and magical!